One Key Element Driving Growth in the U.K.’s Booming Edtech Sector | The Org

Online learning was important for years, but the pandemic has accelerated the need for dependable virtual learning resources more than ever. The U.K. is at the forefront of the edtech revolution. According to a report by global recruiter Robert Walters and data provider Vacancysoft, the sector grew by 72% in 2020, and the Digital Economy Council projected it to be worth more than £3.4 billion by mid-2021.

As a Kazakh, Borat’s satire feels like it punches down harder than it hits those at the top

Sacha Baron Cohen’s sequel, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, was always going to elicit mixed reactions. Its power, like any satire’s, lies in people being shocked, offended and disgusted. On one hand, the Kazakh government has adopted the “Very Nice!” slogan into a tourism campaign. Conversely, the hashtag #cancelborat took off on Twitter, saying that the movie does nothing but mock Kazakh culture without knowing anything about it.

This TikTok duo are creating the most gen Z love story ever

There isn’t yet a gap TikTok hasn’t filled in the existential void of online culture. Memes, lip syncs, and nearly every new pop culture reference either starts from the app, or finds its way there. One of the latest TikTok trends entertaining people has been “Tevin”, the ship name for Tati Mitchell (@thereal_tati) and Devin Caherly (@devincaherly), two TikTok performers who have used the app to produce a love story like no other through a series of ‘duets’

Exploring Bardcore: YouTube’s obsession with medieval covers of Lady Gaga

Medieval references have had a special place in pop culture for a while now. The aesthetics of the Middle Ages -- which spanned from the 5th to the 15th century -- have worked their way into different corners of the content we consume, from mainstream television to meme pages. Something about a time cursed by plague, where paintings largely consisted of ugly babies, vacant stares and brutal violence, has resonated with young millennials and Gen Z. And now it’s taking over our playlists.

Lesbians and Gays support the Miners looks back on the strikes 35 years ago

The Power of Love was soaring the radio waves. Marty McFly and Doc Brown were being shown on cinema screens across the country. Margaret Thatcher was in her sixth year as prime minister – and the miners’ strike was coming to an end. Thursday marks the 35th anniversary of the end of the miners’ strike. For Mike Jackson, co-founder of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM), “solidarity” is as important as ever.

Coronavirus: Islington Schools on ‘high alert’

Islington schools are banning finger food and teaching “perfect hand-washing” in efforts to stop coronavirus spreading. Central Foundation Boys’ School near Old Street has advised pupils who had been abroad over half-term to self-isolate and be tested for the virus. In a statement on its website on Tuesday, the school announced that the tests had come back negative for two thirds of boys, with the final third still awaiting results.

Road trips, car chases and heists: the best automotive movies of the 2010s

It's been a good decade for cars in cinema. Driving cars, racing cars, stealing cars – the 2010s have given us some of the most iconic and memorable automotive movies we've ever had the pleasure of watching. Cars have had a place in film for over a century now and, ten years into the 21st, that doesn't seem likely to change any time soon. Here are some of the best automotive films from the past 10 years. Whether you like car chases, small-budget dramas, thrillers or heartwarming family-focused future classics, there's something here for you to watch over the festive break.

Move over Glastonbury: Canonbury Tower is the hottest ticket in town

Islington’s oldest building made history on Friday by selling out its tour tickets in 12 hours. Oonagh Gay, the Chairperson of Islington Guided Walks, which runs the intermittent tours of the Tudor era building, said that Friday’s ticket sales at Canonbury Tower were the fastest they had ever had. The tower is small so it can only take eight visitors at a time. Tours happen irregularly as they depend on the guides’ availability. Gay said that Canonbury Tower was a “pretty popular attraction,”
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